Third Eye Help

Expanding Your Being – Here you will discover things within you that you may have never seen and how you utilize to your advantage.
Manifesting Response
– Here I will show you how to strive for a spiritual experience to help you realize a physical response.
Visualization With Ease
– Learn to visualize without forcing the experience.
Shielding Mastery
– Here I’ll show you everything you need to know about protecting yourself psychically.
Phase One Opening
– Here you’ll discover the first technique essential to opening the third eye.
Creating The Universal Connection
– Discover the secret behind connecting  the third eye to other areas of your body
Third Eye Body Essentials
– Here you’ll learn to identify and explore three key areas of the body that accelerate the opening process.
The Hidden Power
– Here you’ll learn about a unique power that all beings have and the role it will play in opening the third eye.
Energy Enhancing Techniques
– Here I’ll show you my personal exercises that will help raise the  energy within.
Phase Two Opening
– Here I’ll share the second essential technique to bringing the third eye experience to reality.
Third Eye Awareness
– Here you’ll discover how to increase the awareness of your third eye and why doing so, will magnify the entire experience.
Phase Three Opening
– Here we’ll move on to the next set of techniques designed to transition the experience from phase two.
Third Eye Perception
– Learn how to observe perceptions from your third eye so you can now see what you cannot with your physical eyes.
Etheric Communication
– Learn exactly what you need to do in order to communicate with your etheric body.
The Astral Experience –
Discover the methods I have been teaching to people for years on creating a vibratory and astral experience.

Advanced Techniques
– Here you’ll be exposed and guided through an advanced set of exercises that will enable you to tune in whenever you choose.

Tuning In – Learn how to tune into your third eye at will and with ease.
The Vortex
– Here you’ll learn everything about the vital role of focused areas of energy called vortices.

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