Volatile Random Access Memory

Just was going through one lecture of Osho and went into deep thoughts after hearing him. Why people love to be powerful ? The reason is because they feel they are not. Why they are not powerful ? Reason is they are but they are not accepting it. Why they are not accepting it ? The reason is that they are programmed to do so. Who programmed them ? The answer is their parents, teachers and education system. So just like a RAM of computer they have to understand the value of volatile memory. We have to understand that if our memory is programmed, then we also have the power to clear that one. We just need one interrupt signal from our subconcious mind that can evaporate programmmed mind. If we have kept our ports blocked, then who can program us ? Installed Services on human system run perfectly till there are no open doors available. If by chance any viral program is inserted, still we have options to detect it and restrict its execution. The best way could be to modify the content of input received into some constructive program.  I feel we are blind because we see things as they are shown to us. I feel we are deaf because we hear and enjoy noise which is not real music of life.  I feel we are not visionary because we restrict our imagination under the effects of physical objects and needs.

Our world lies inside us and not outside us. We can understand others well when we understand ourselves. So the best way to understand things is to consider two worlds. My world and Outside world. So let beautiful things and thoughts reside at backlog of our world to enter from Outside world and block and clear anything that is not desired.

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