Waste Paper Collection in Delhi


For production of 1 ton Virgin Paper industry required 24 Trees, just calculate how much Trees you are consuming through Paper in a month and till now how much TREEs  you or your organisation had planted.


Green-O-Tech India™ was introduced in 2010 with the mission of “One step towards Waste to Wealth” through “Waste Recycling”. Green-O-Tech India™ providing unique service models for Recycling of  Waste Paper, Waste Plastic, Waste Metals and Waste Wooden. Green-O-Tech India™ customizing green solutions for its Green Initiators and representing them as “Earth Warrior”.

In last Four years Green-O-Tech India™ had get recycled thousands of tons Waste Paper, Waste Plastic, Waste Metals and Wooden. As per their service model Green-O-Tech India™ had planted more than thousand of trees for its valuable clients for their Green Initiative “Waste Recycling”.

Green-O-Tech India has more than 150 plus satisfied and valuable clients in India who are supporting this Green Initiative for saving Mother Earth.

Green-O-Tech India is a team of professionals who has received many appreciations at different levels from clients for their dedication and quality services which reflects in their earnings of “Goodwill” & “Satisfied Customers”.

Visit www.greenotechindia.com for more info.

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Puneet Verma
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