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There was a session i attended in my office and audience were asked a question “What is Time ?” and i was looking for the answer. And suddenly i created a scenario that what would be the case if there is no word like “TIME” in this world. I felt myself moving in a world with no time and measurements. Suddenly i was hit by some animal and then i went to doctor and asked him to give me some medication. Now doctor asked me a question for which i was not having any answer. The question was “When did animal hit you ?”. And i answered him “I don’t know doc”… But after having visit to the doctor i was very curious to find out the answer of the question “When did animal hit me ?”. Now there was a need to answer the question asked by doctor so that he can give some appropriate medicine to me. And i find out that there should be some mechanism by which i can give some idea of the part of the day, when animal hit me. 1000 of years ago there must be somebody who was asked such type of question and there was a need to find out answer to the question. And finally Indian measurements and mathematics guru Aryabhata discovered mathematics and ways to measure days, nights, distance from sun, digits and provided his theories to scientists of world. So for me “Time was and is need of human being for particular situation and he discovered time mechanism to fulfill his need of answering a question”.

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