When I was in School

Apologies for the language, tone, typos in this post as i lack content writing skills. But still hope that the message will be communicated without gaps.

When I was in school, I got an opportunity to perform an act on stage, in which I played non-renewable resource, ie coal. The purpose of playing coal was to create awareness among people about value of renewable resources.

Today, when I write on the Mission Green Delhi blog, I try to push the same thinking in my posts. I urge people to use things that can be recycled or reused because there is more loss of humanity in not doing this. If we use things which are polluting water and soil, then these harmful chemicals will penetrate deeply into our organs through fruits & vegetables we eat. Eventually we will become victims of diseases by eating fruits and vegetables grown in polluted soil.

Let’s see how these poisonous materials are making the soil polluted. Nowadays more frequently on social media, we see how rivers and ocean are being polluted by plastic & polythene. How these elements get dissolved in the soil, how the water inside ground surface is becoming polluted. And human body is also becoming polluted as a result of this. Can we control the amount of growing toxins in our body? Yes, this can be done if we use a cloth bag instead of polythene bag. Instead of polythene and plastic manufacturing, new inventions & technologies should come into place that do not let the soil become poisonous. Plant more trees. Start terrace farming on the roof and grow fruit and vegetables in an organic way. Let’s take steps to bring change around us.

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