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Walking down into depths of my city Delhi, and  found that each and every person is effected by lamentation and hankering (Crying and Greed). Today we are more interested in life of others rather than working on self realization. The difference between human and green human is that prior one is misled by illusions of nature. We are so busy in distracting ourselves from our inner self, that we are not ready to see the sublime effect of assistants of supreme power (air, water, fire, earth and sky). Its always good if we are dedicated in our tasks and are talented in what we are performing, but still Bhishma, Dronacharya and Kripacharya in Mahabharata lost the war. What was the reason ? Yes … the reason was controller of this nature (Krishna), was not with them in war of kurukhestra. If we are performing any task neglecting nature, then results of execution of that program will be similar to what had happened with kaurvaas in Mahabharata. So its my duty to perform each and every task keeping in mind power of assitants of supreme power. Performing our activities as green human will bring happiness to our lives and would keep us away from unneccesary  lamentations and hankering. And if we are aware of green activities its our duty to spread awareness around us, without forcing, motivating and distracting others because we cannot motivate anyone. We can just sugest him/her to visualise green human inside him/her.

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Hello Friends, my name is Puneet Verma and I am a passionate traveler, environment blogger, and nature lover. People call me a visual storyteller and influencer and God has given me an opportunity to initiate a beautiful community of environment enthusiasts at and

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