Process of Collection and Distribution

If i am having extra RAM, Bandwidth and storage, then its my duty to distribute it in such a way to my network so that each and every client should enjoy it when he is in urgent need of it. High priority services and clients should get memory and storage as per schedule and Dharma. Lord Krishna use to break pitchers of butter and milk stored by villagers to create awareness for distribution and donation. Collection is a good habit but we must collect in such a way that when anybody is in urgent need of that particular item, we can donate it. If we are filling our boat with water, then there is a need to donate extra water, otherwise boat will overfill and sink. If my cow is ready to produce buckets of milk then its my duty to feed calves of cow first and then start collection of milk for my children and guests.The best way to donate from your collection is to start feeding poor children you watch on Delhi red lights, footpaths and roadsides in form of fruits, sweets and toys but not money for sure. I am sure this daily donation will make our day and we will feel top of the world. While i was donating biscuits, almonds and fruits to poor kids in New Delhi, i felt like a big golden door was opened for me with a way towards rising sun. My energy level increased 100 times and i felt myself like a big green human walking on my way towards rising sun shown by opened door. And there was nobody who could stop me. It was a great feeling for me in a lovely morning of Delhi.

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