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True professional is one who never know if he is working or he is working hard. He keeps on enjoying his tasks just like a painter who enjoys painting a portrait of Radha for Lord Krishna. He sees Akarma(No desire for fruits) in his acts. When one is busy in dedicating his tasks to supreme power, goddess of Illusions enters through his door of senses to his spirit and mind, and hence distracts him as she loves doing this. In such a case what is the solution to get back into the mode of dedication and devotion.  Yes the solution i found is need of a trainer. Trainer who is already a follower of supreme power. If we really want to avoid goddess of illusions and fruits, then we need Trainers, Consultants and Gurus who are already following supreme lord in their tasks. In absense of Trainer, the situtation can become worse. This logical world depends on goddess of illusions and we cannot understand love of supreme lord with logical mind. Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu was incarnation of lord Krishna, but some logical minds were fighting with his followers to prove their logical experiments. They were never ready to understand that supreme godhead is above all logical experiments. Each and every logic in this world depends on physical world we see around us which is the effect of Maya, the goddess of illusions. And reality of supreme godhead is not understoodable by such arguments. True professional is a true devotee who always trusts and see supreme lord in his job. He is working while performing actions and he don’t know it. He is working while he is not acting, but he don’t even realize that. Because he is working under the leadership and guidance of supreme power  and each task we perform for him is a fruit with sweetness.

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