Love is not relationship, then what is love ?

“I want you to hack my boy friend’s email and Facebook account”……… “I want you to hack my husband’s account”….. “I want you to hack my girlfriend’s email id” … “I want access to my wife’s facebook account” …….. Oh ! my dear … Why do you want some stranger to enter your life ? Love is not relationship. If i have a heart and it has love, then i will love everybody around me. Then my heart will not announce if i love you and hate somebody else. So if you are really in love with someone, then your heart cannot be partial with others. It should have love and respect for all, even for its enemies and it should be capable of learning good things from them as well and searching out golds in them by accepting them as they are. What i am expecting from you today is a big heart and spiritual mind. I would like to see your true mind, true brain and true heart which has always helped you in facing small issues in your life with an ease without bypassing them. Issues with your partner, with your family members, friends, lover, colleagues, relatives, neighbors and others are possible. Accept everything that happens to you just like a King. Learn to understand that you have a big heart which never focus on small issues of life rather solve them and accept them as they are. Keep on ignoring them and never keep yourself sticking to them. If you really love attachment and attention, then try to focus on yourself and have a silent talk to dig out some great things in your partner. He or she might be irritating sometimes but that doesn’t mean he/she is born without talent 🙂 . He/She might be having some great qualities and your task is to dig them out. There might be some situations in life when you might have some questions which have no answer. For eg- “Why this always happens to me ? Why this happened to me ? Why they have done this to me ? Why he/she has done this to me? What was my fault ?” ….. The answer to all these questions is that, all these questions are result of conflicts going in your mind. Now what is required here is intelligence to understand, that conflict resulting in the form of questions and frustration is just limited time bubble in my mind and it will burst with time and give us relief. And nobody in this world …….. even your partner is never effected by this ongoing conflict in your mind. Its good that you care for him/her …. and that is under your control … but if he/she don’t care for you, that is surely not under your control. There are multiple things in life that are not under my control, then why should i worry about them ? …….. Just turn the music on and enjoy your present by saying “YES” to your situations … Accept the end and you will feel great with a fresh new day…….. Just few lines for you dost ……..

Gamon Se Mohhabat ho Gayi,
Dilonn ko churana Aaa Gaya,
Dekh mere dost,
Mughko Muskurana Aaa Gaya 🙂

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