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I have landed to this wonderful place and now would like to read some more on green thoughts posted by the author of this blog. But before reading further i have to question myself that why i am reading  Green Delhi Blog. What is that which is attracting me towards green solutions. We have to find this out and ask ourselves that are we really contributing towards becoming a green human. I would suggest to start with recommending the content of this blog to your near and dear, the first step for your contribution. There is “Recommend” button on the top of this page where you can click and register to recommend this page to your loved ones. I assure you that if you go through the posts of this blog on daily morning regularly,  nobody in this world can stop you from the path of “CHANGE”, the new world. I have felt the change myself as a author because i am feeling that somebody is controlling me and writing through me for creating “Green Humans”. I consider myself as lucky one to be chosen by god almighty to produce green content text, audios and videos for making changes to the life of people of delhi and world. If you want the way you can contribute just like me on this revolutionary blog than i would suggest you to register yourself here ASAP and then post your revolutionary ideas for making delhi and other parts of india heaven. You can also use your email to send me your posts at puneet6565@gmail.com . Thanks for being a perfect reader. Congratulations.

Green Delhi Blog – Join Sugarcane Club

Lets have a fun guys, the fun that even supreme power would love to join. Now green delhi blog has initiated “Sugarcane Club”, the club that is created to replace carbonated drinks in our daily life with Sugarcane Juice. Now lets understand this. The farmers in our country are producing sugarcane and that is the crop which is running their daal roti. They use to sell their sugarcane stocks at very low prices to sugar mills. Now if we support Ganaa Juice or Sugarcane Juice, then automatically farmers will not wait to sell their produced crops to sugarmills at low prices. They will get good cost for their efforts and will produce more quality. This will result in home production of sugar and will help our companies in exporting sugar to other countries. Now as a result indian business will increase. Benefits of both farmers and sugar mills will get doubled. As a citizen, i will get sugar at a low price. And if we drink and offer Sugarcane Juice to our guests instead of carbonated drinks, then the their problems like sore throat, cold and flu will be cured. In addition it will help us in fighting against cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer. For better digestion, Energy and for speeding up the recovery process after jaundice, there would be no way for you to buy costly drinks. I think that sounds good to you. So you are intelligent enough to take away your mind and heart, out of the trap of chemical drinks, joining sugarcane club will strengthen your stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain, and sex organs, to make win win situation in your daily life challenges. The sugarcane club of Green Delhi Blog is free to join and their is no form to fill. The moment you reached this blog post would be a life changing moment for you , and you connected with club automatically. I would be expecting you to remember atleast one line of this post and share it with your well wishers and the objective of this club will be achieved.

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