Needs of an hour

If we are still living in a physical world, then we are confined to self satisfaction of our senses. Self satisfaction is required because we are connected to elements. When we are connected to elements through self contemplation, we develop lust. Lust is a demand that is never met. And in this way lust give birth to anger. Anger is managed using delusion. Delusion gives rise to confusion. And if there is confused mind, bewilderment develops. And if we are confused and bewildered, then we lose memory and thinking power. In this way intelligence is lost. If intelligence is lost, we cannot differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. And this give rise to sinful deeds.If we look beyond physical elements, we can categorize ourselves according to our needs. We have physiological needs like food, air and water. If we can fulfill these needs then we have need for self security. If we have secured our life (For Eg- Job Security, Family Security), then we have social needs like friends and family. And if we are socially strong then there is a need for recognition and protecting our self esteem, pride. And after fulfillment of all above needs human run for self actualization by working for the welfare and fulfillment of needs of others. As an element, we are allowed to fulfill our needs but we can still protect ourselves from drowning into material pool. We can immolate our love towards elements into the divine fire of our spirit  while performing our duties and fulfilling our needs. And the solution is to be in a company of green humans.

Developed Family

Development of any country depends on developed family. A developed family is one where thoughts of each and every person are similar or supportive. This might not be the case with most families as each and every person is programmed by different Groups of people , TV, Newspaper & Media. We cannot prove ourselves better by comparing us with our family members. We cannot prove ourselves best by comparing us with our friends and relatives. Because the idea of proving to be best will ultimately prove that you are not and trying to be one. If you are trying to be one, then whats the reason ? You cannot make yourselves better by insulting others. Better human being guide himself at the time of agitation and procrastinate to understand that it is his state of mind which is destructive in that particular time range. According to saints we have to create awareness of non-duality while being captured by destructive feeling of comparison.  You have to practice unity in your daily life,  in your family. Make changes to definitions stored in your mind and heart. New definitions will make your life successful and happier.  The better person is just like a mouth. It never perform discrimination while eating food and supplies energy to each and every part of the body equally. In similar way if you are better, you will never compare yourself with your loved ones as each and every person around you is just like your body part and your existence as human being is contributed by each one of it. So as a “mouth” if you are insulting your hand and not delivering what it needs, then it would be your lose. Each and every person in our daily life is part of our body and we cannot prove ourselves better than other,  as both body parts are best in their karmas allotted by supreme power.  Lets keep this example in our mind and start with a new life and wisdom.

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