My Best Friends Ever

We might know our best friends, but from last few months i am feeling something else. Now you have to comment on the thinking. If four of my best friends (Air, Sand, Water, Sun) have never left me alone, then why should i ? True friends are always their for you and swap your mother, father, sister and brother in times of need. Life is about learning and we have to learn “How to live”. We enjoy bad and happy moments with our true friends and in a similar way i am enjoying the life with my these friends.  This life is given to us by our parents and then god has given us true friends who can make our life full of fun.  As a professional and citizen of a country, i am bounded with certain actions to serve people and my family members. But while performing our actions of serving others, are we doing any harm to our true friends ? Now its our duty to perform our daily tasks by uniting ourselves with our best friends. Lets understand this one. I cannot breath in a smoke and then throw it on face of my friend (Air). He teaches us be open and free. That doesn’t mean we should make misuse of his openness and freedom. I cannot use my friend(water) for my selfishness and offer him a poison(Industry Pollution). I cannot control the flow of his( River Water) life.  Don’t try make use of his calmness and cool nature. Insulting him will ultimately harm us only as our life depends on him only.  Let him flow in his natural way. Don’t try to capture him in your golden house. He will die.  Its my duty to keep my friend(sand & soil) fertile using natural fertilizers. Don’t offer him chemicals and never leave him under care of others. Learn from his nature. He never says that he belongs to particular country or land, rather he turns itself into objects of our need and even help us in becoming human being as part of our body. Never try to hurt him due to his flexible nature.  Never turn your face from your friend(Sun) due to ego or jealous. Respect his success and accept his hot love. He might be rude (hot) to you sometimes, but keep on respecting him and hugging him, looking at him. Try to spend time with yourself and know your inner-self. Even i am your friend now so you are always welcome to my home here. Keep talking to me always, i am available here.

Don’t be a puppet, Save sources of life

I don’t know if what i am thinking is right. I will need your views on my thought process. I felt like we are slowly and slowly losing our control over sources of life. Now here what is that i am talking about ? Did you got my point ? Sources of life or panch tatva water, air, earth, sky and fire. These are five needs of living being and if i am interested in controlling life of some nation, then i will go for such a mechanism that can shift control over sources of their life to me. Lets go back to history when Zamindars use to takeover control of land from farmers by various mechanisms or due to lack of their knowledge and then villagers were working for them just like a puppet. In a similar way agar hum panch tatvon ki rakshaa nahi karengey to dushman humey puppet ki tarah nachaeingey. Lets understand this point more clearly by creating a scenario. Suppose the sources which supply water to us in our homes, are taken over by somebody. The sources of power using which we run our daily lives are also taken over by somebody. The source of life ie air is made poisonous due to use of advance fuel driven technologies, then the day is not too far, when we would need oxygen supplying ATM machines at every corner of our locality. And in such a world we would be paying to drink packed water as their would be no sources of water under our control. And rates of power will slip from our hands and would be ruining our life forcing us to turn our way towards darkness. Now that is  Kalyug.
Now whats the solution ? The solution is to support initiators of missions related to saving sources of life. If somebody is talking about saving rivers, then support them. If somebody talks about reducing use of transportation methods, then support them. If somebody talks about avoiding mechanisms that involve wastage of huge litres of water, then support them. If somebody is requesting you to reduce polythene use, then take it as commitment. If somebody is requesting you to use domestic non-packed daily used products and goods, then take pledge and support them. Avoid processes and comforts that involve CO2 and carbon emissions. Use traditional methods or Green Products. Use comfortable clothes and shoes instead of using “showing of” products. Try to keep keep virus of illusion and comparison as far as possible. Walk as much as you can. Don’t let money control your life. Don’t be a puppet.

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