When i Stucked at Delhi Traffic Jam

On a hot day in Delhi, i was traveling and suddenly saw a large bunch of cars stucked on a red light for hours due to traffic jam. Suddenly i saw a  bicycle boy who was also stucked, but picked up his cycle on his soldiers and got out of that huge traffic. Life is just like a fast moving traffic where we have to wait on several red lights and are always stucked due to huge traffic. But smart person is one who is able to transform his big car into small bicycle and move further in his life. He never wait on reds lights due to his big sized vehicle (Ego). The bicycle boy was lucky because his vehicle of life was flexible and light enough to solve bigger traffic issues. But unlucky was the the couple sitting in a big car, who was childless from many years of their marriage. After spending their 2-3 hours on red light traffic, they were on their way to husband’s bosses house as he invited them on a sunday dinner. On a way the husband found his boss who was walking on way to his home. They stopped the car and asked boss to sit in their car but boss refused and guided them the way to his house. And by saying this he started walking on the road. Finally they reached bosses house and found a big beautiful villa. After few minutes,  boss also reached and they started discussion in his garden with a tea. In discussion they shared their problem. Boss as  a guru, questioned them if they have ever sent back a hungry cow from their doorsteps. Wife accepted that once a cow came to their home and she banished her without food and water. Boss who was also a great scholar and astrologer, asked them to feed a cow on a weekly basis and donate food and fruits to poor children in Delhi. Without using any intellect and intelligence, they followed instructions from their boss and within 2 years they were blessed with a cute baby. Now they are lucky parents with 2 kids. One who was adopted by them as their elder son and other their new born small daughter.  Inspired from their Boss, they started following him and his teachings and banned use of their car within 20 Kms distance in the city. They started working for poor children they use to find on red lights and slums in Delhi and are living happier life nowadays with full of fun with their children.

Note:  Stories on this blog are fictitious and just perception of author.

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