Why do we love someone ?

We feel love when water we drink is pure. We feel love when air we breath-in is pure. We  love when we feel the heat of sacred fire. Then have you ever wondered why we  love when we see someone ? The answer to this question can be explained with an example. If a person wearing specs is traveling in a fog, he will find difficulty in viewing destination. He will feel little angry and worried due to his specs as he know that there is something that is restricting him to view,  something his mind already believes is beautiful and pure. Then to make his vision clear, he cleans glasses of his specs. Just like specs our heart and mind are covered with fog of ignorance. And there is someone ( Purity ) inside us who already knows that the world is pure and lovable. But we keep on lamenting and hankering,  till this fog resides. Awareness is a tool we use to clear this fog and see what is pure. So when we find purity in our destination or in some living or non living object, feeling of eternal love develops. So the answer to above question is,  we love someone because our heart and mind are pure with no dust, lust or fog. Its quality of our internal thoughts.  Mother loves her child because she can see her child from clear heart and mind with no hatred. For mother all her children are lovable inspite of their different behaviors, looks and body structures. So reason we love someone is because he/she is helping us in clearing the fog of pain, anxiety, impurity in our heart and hence helping in rehabilitating us to view through purity and truthfulness our heart. He or She is behaving like a divine mirror and lens.

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