Lets Celebrate Green Diwali

We should organize meetings with the help of social organizations and ask people to avoid the use of crackers that are causing pollution and hence health problems for Delhi citizens.
The members of these organizations should urge residents not to light fireworks when millions of Hindus observe the festival globally on Friday.
They should suggest , instead, Hindus spread festive cheer by just getting together with family and friends by avoiding intake for excess amount of sweets.

We observed  that in India “people tend to overdo the burning of fireworks”, starting days before and continuing after Diwali. And
this activity should be avoided. Instead happiness should be spread.

It is suggested that it should be done only on Diwali day as it causes pollution. Diwali has always meant much more than just fireworks.
“Fireworks spoil our environment by causing noise and air pollution and also affect our health. Another reason they should be shunned is that they are manufactured using child labour, which is neither legal nor ethical. People should make Diwali clean, green and healthy.

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