Clustering Human Network

I have always loved working in team environment. And we already know that group

Efforts can bring big results. If one person is down in his efforts, other motivated one can take over, giving him enough time to regain his energy. In the similar way while setting up intranets and extranets, it should be kept in mind that we are service providers we need to provide 24×7 services to our customers. And to avoid any downtime, we need to build a team of intranet or extranet servers those should take over each other when required. Each one should have common goals and similar configuration to understand each other in a better way.  Nobody should hide anything from others as they are friends who are working in a team environment called cluster. I have always tested various environments for clustering. Might it be a device, server or human being.  Clustering is every where either we configure it by building relationships between remote database servers, or in our human network.  Human network is the biggest example of cluster, where we communicate with each other to keep us updated of everything going around us. Similarly my Linux machines run parallel MPI programs using tools like LAM and OSCAR to make them updated according to the changes made on others. If I am using unified security gateway or Firewall on network, the device high availability feature helps in keeping the network always available due to cluster of firewalls sending configuration, signatures and certificates information to each other using VRRP protocol or FTP.  When we talk about databases, we use to cluster database server on various locations using remote system call scripts using various programming languages. Multiple processes are supported by threads, to share information and to backup each other when required to perform execution of task successfully.

In this way clustering is one of the important features of human network.  We at extranet world consider ourselves as cluster which has some common goals towards our customers. We are always creative and innovative because of cluster of minds behind this single name “”.

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