Environmentalist & Educationist Sunita Khanna, brings an innovative idea to Delhi people

This is the very short story of Environmentalist Sunita Khanna & Mission Green Delhi Community member, who has been making huge impact on life of Delhi people, specially, future of India, our students. About whom what Ms. June Fernandes (Founder Principal DPS, Rohini) said. Quoting her in my blog post:

“Congratulations my dear Sunita — even when I was in DPS Mathura Rd and came in touch with you, my admiration knew no bounds watching you work so fervently and with a smile on your face despite the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.

And that you have continued to give of yourself to humanity is nothing short of godliness 🙏

I am proud to have known you Sunita and consider it an honour that you reconnected.

God bless!

June Fernandez”

Sunita Khanna, supported by her daughter Vinnie Khanna Mathur, Associate Dean of Students; Head-Student Life & Engagement at Shiv Nadar University has started an innovative initiative to transform traditional usage of pencils, pens, notepads and return gifts into something which inspires students to participate in environmental protection campaigns and hence channelizing their energy into right direction.  

These eco-friendly products include plantable seed pencils and pens, notepads and bamboo products like tooth brushes and combs etc. Manufactured out of newspaper & starch waste, these innovative products come from the people who could not reach biggest marketplace for these innovative solutions. Sunita Khanna is acting as a bridge between producers of these seed-based environment friendly products and educational institutions, corporates and societies to create awareness for recycle reuse & reduce of waste we create in our daily lives. She has also been working on promoting & producing cloth bags through her NGO.

Along with her friends, Sunita Khanna is passionately running an organic farm in Gurugram to create awareness to maximize usage of pesticide free fruits and vegetables.

To connect with Sunita Khanna to seek guidance from her on these environment friendly ideas, please whatsapp us at 9910162399 or mail us at missiongreendelhi@gmail.com.

To learn how seed pencils work, please free to watch this Youtube video.

Eco-Friendly Independence Day Celebrations at Jhilmil Colony

Celebrated Independence day at Jhilmil Colony. Also had a plantation drive. Planted trees saplings in society park as well as on road.

It was totally eco-friendly event. No tissue papers were used. Plates made of sugarcane bagasse were used. Tea was also served in kullads which were later used for bordering the flower beds in the park. I tried to make it minimum waste event.

Sushma Rustagi, Mission Green Delhi Community member

Door to Door Waste Management Campaign at Venezia tower, Sector 78, Noida

17th week of door to door campaign at Venezia Tower, Noida, an initiative to save our planet.

Key Actions of Campaign

  • Organic, inorganic & e-waste management
  • Water conservation
  • Plastic waste control: Replacement of Polythene bags with cotton bags

I am surprise to see that children are eager to fix this mess from us. While we parents are busy in selling & buying. Massive thank you to all those young people who have been teaching us through this hard time for our planet 🌏 our home. Love you baccha party.

This time when we are doing door to door campaigning, we have chosen three points to highlight:

Waste segregation in three parts ie: Organic, Inorganic & E-waste as now we have solution for electronic waste. Also, since world is facing water scarcity, we had requested to save water using different methods . For reduction of plastic waste, we have kept a cotton donation box in our shopping mart (since mart is a huge source of polythene bags in our society). People who forgot to take their cotton bag in mart can use bag from this box & further in next visit or even he/she can return it to our tower guard. So the same cotton bags can circulate in our society. The good thing is that the cotton bags used in this box are taken from society residents

Shubhra Rai, Mission Green Delhi Member

To connect with Shubhra Rai, Please whatsapp us at 9910162399.

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