Project Nawah – An Unrelenting Drive Towards a Plastic-free World

Photo Credit: Enactus Dyal Singh College

Innovation is the change that unlocks value. It is often said that there is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come. Enactus, Dyal Singh College, resolutely believes in revolutionizing and therefore, bringing a change by their pioneering efforts with utmost passion and integrity.

It is with an unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop a new, that their youngest initiative, Project Nawah is endowed upon. Plastic is one of the biggest nemesis of the environment and requires instantaneous eradication. Therefore, Project Nawah is a twin fold initiative, that aims at substituting plastic with the green gold, bamboo and utilizing the pre existing plastic in an efficient and ecological manner so as to reduce the quantum of plastic waste in the ecosystem, conserving life and the world as a whole.

Photo Credit: Enactus Dyal Singh College

Having been scientifically proven to be the fastest-growing plant, Bamboo is a highly renewable, biodegradable, and an environment-friendly substance. By promulgating the market for bamboo products, the project strives to cut down the use of single-use plastic at the source, provide efficient substitutes for plastic products and thereby, prevent plastic from entering and polluting the land or marines. This will not only discourage the obstruction of ecological stability but significantly contribute to eradicating plastic completely from the environment in the long run as well.

The project vehemently aspires to strengthen the standard of living of socially deprived and a marginalised community of women residing in Dallupura who are on the brunt of vulnerability. Built upon the roots of social entrepreneurship, innovation and ecological stability, the project aims to alleviate the stature of these women to make them self supportive.

Through their collaboration with CIBART (Center for Indian Bamboo Resource And Technology), they imparted their beneficiaries with the requisite training and skills to make utility bamboo products in association with Alina Parmarthan Foundation.

Furnishing the women with monetary assistance, economic stability and skill development, the project also breaks the lines of patriarchy and gender inequality, thus, promising plausibility for a secured future.

The natural world shows us in so many ways a simple truth: there is strength in number. Enactus, Dyal Singh College believes this to the full extent. The team members work conjointly to bring about a positive change in the ever-changing society.

The path to this journey has no end. They strive to remain on this path to a better future for as long as they can because this is the only way forward.

Story shared by Enactus Dyal Singh College

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