Urban Kitchen Gardening Green Talk at Sector 49, Gurugram

In a harmonious celebration of nature’s bounty, the Urban Kitchen Gardening Group organized a Green Talk on Herbal Plants at S Block, Uppals Southend, Sector 49, Gurgaon on September 30, 2023. The event aimed to cultivate a deeper connection between residents and the green world flourishing around them.

Enthusiastic members gathered to share insights on the benefits of cultivating herbal plants and fostering sustainability in urban living. The discussions revolved around the therapeutic properties of various herbs, highlighting their role in promoting health and well-being. Participants were enlightened on the ease of incorporating these green wonders into daily life, both in culinary practices and holistic healthcare.

ADKAR Model of Journey to Greener Lifestyle

The ADKAR model, which stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement, is a framework designed to help individuals and organizations successfully navigate change. Applying this model to promote a shift towards a greener lifestyle in society can be a powerful strategy. Here’s how each component of the ADKAR model can facilitate this change:

  1. Awareness: The first step is raising awareness about the importance of a green lifestyle. By educating individuals about the environmental impact of their actions, such as plastic use and waste generation, you create an understanding of the need for change.
  2. Desire: To make a lasting change, people must genuinely desire it. Highlight the benefits of a green lifestyle, like reduced carbon footprint, better health, and a cleaner environment. Make it appealing and relevant to people’s personal values and aspirations.
  3. Knowledge: Provide people with the knowledge and information they need to adopt a green lifestyle. This includes teaching gardening techniques, waste management practices, the use of organic products, and alternatives to plastic. Workshops, educational materials, and online resources can be helpful.
  4. Ability: Ensure that individuals have the skills and abilities necessary to implement green practices. Offer practical training sessions on gardening, composting, recycling, and using eco-friendly products. Encourage hands-on experiences to build confidence.
  5. Reinforcement: Sustaining change requires ongoing support and reinforcement. Create a community or support network of like-minded individuals who can share experiences, challenges, and successes. Recognize and celebrate achievements to motivate and reinforce the commitment to a green lifestyle.

Applying the ADKAR model to drive change in society towards a green lifestyle helps individuals understand the need for change, develop a desire for it, acquire the knowledge and skills to make the change, and receive ongoing support to maintain these behaviors. Over time, this approach can lead to a broader societal shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices, benefiting both the environment and future generations

ECPFO’s Enduring Commitment: Nurturing Nature and Young Minds

In the realm of environmental conservation, few organizations can boast a legacy as impactful as the Environmental and Consumer Protection Foundation (ECPFO). With three decades of unwavering dedication, ECPFO has been a driving force in North India’s quest for a greener and more sustainable future. Having successfully planted over 10 Lakhs plants across the region, ECPFO continues to set an inspiring example of how collective efforts can create profound change.

A recent chapter in ECPFO’s journey unfolded at the serene Vrindavan Ashram, where the organization’s passionate team orchestrated a meaningful plantation drive. This time, the focus was on nurturing indigenous plant varieties such as Jamun, Neem, Peepal, and Amaltash – the cornerstones of India’s rich biodiversity. What set this initiative apart was the active involvement of local primary school students and staff, infusing the event with youthful enthusiasm and a promise of continuity.

Understanding that fostering environmental consciousness must begin at a young age, ECPFO took a proactive step in educating and engaging the budding minds. The students were treated to an insightful briefing on the pivotal role trees play in maintaining ecological balance, purifying the air, and supporting diverse ecosystems. The session highlighted how a single sapling could eventually transform into a towering pillar of environmental resilience.

Thanks to Amit Kumar, Sec. General, ECPFO -NGO and Mission Green Delhi Community member for sharing this story with missiongreendelhi.com audience.

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