No leads on website ?

Puneet Verma

By on September 17, 2014

mgd5I know most of us are trying to figure out why our website is not receiving good number of leads or not achieving goals.  Few critical reasons i have analyzed and anticipated are:

1. Targeting wrong people during product promotion campaigns. Today tools are available to select our target audience or what i call configuration of demographics which are visible when you go for google doubleclick advertising or facebook advertising. You can target customers on the basis of their geographic locations, age, interests, profession and peak surfing hours.

2. Clients attract clients. You are making lots of efforts and putting in lot of dollars to make your product visible by creating infographics, video presentations. But mind you, clients attract clients. It might me possible that client testimonial videos are missing on your campaign pages.

3. Trends 2015 says, people are more on small screens now. Considering this as important  you might have created a brand new micro site of your product which is responsive one. But having a responsive website doesn’t interests prospective customers. Prospective customers are looking for solutions rather than focusing on responsive design or filling forms. Give your customer, only product visibility and not a landscape view, which is possible either by redirecting them to a product section on corporate website or using a flat design on your campaign pages. Gone are the days of microsite. There is one positive aspect about redirecting customer to corporate website, ie agile customer can navigate to other sections of the website that consists of different products, he might get interested in.

4. Faulty product. It might be possible that world wide web is saying something negative about your product. Figure it out.

5. Missing call to action links on your videos can be the reason your customer has left your campaign page improving bounce rate of your website. As a technical analyst i would request you to create a call to action button when your client testimonial video get finished. Such facility is available on media streaming websites like  youtube.

6. Do not add contact number of reception. You might miss important customer calls. Add email id or contact number of sales person so that lead should not get missed anyhow.

7. Customer wants a page that should not be information obese and digitally noisy. Keep a simple infographic displaying your product and place a call to action link or button.

8. Reduce number of fields on your sign up form.

Go through this link to see live example of perfect campaign page :

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Proud to be NIITian

Puneet Verma

By on September 13, 2014

mgd3 Inspiration in life comes from daily challenges we face and journey we travel. As a technology evangelist, i have become used to of new challenges i receive as a surprise. I have become use to of my managers, and love them for what they expect me to deliver. They inspire me and guide me by their actions.

These days i am trying to put efforts in clubbing my passions with my duties. There is no doubt that i am passionate about world wide web since the time when i use to chat on mantraonline dot com. But now those days of connecting to internet with dial up connections have passed away and broadband and 3G have overtaken those internet services.New web trends are waiting for me to shake my hand with them.

My first and foremost duty now has been to become customer’s first choice by enabling them to manage their web portfolio in a better way or to enable them manage their web information systems in a better way. And this can only happen when i will manage to put an extra efforts in smooth administration of existing systems and at the same time keeping myself abreast with competition. Competing to me is not about defeating someone in a kung fu game, its about learning from competition as a student, becoming better and serving our customers in more efficient manner.

As a technical analyst with NIIT Technologies, i am loving to explore and understand NIIT Technologies from inside out on one hand, and adding more value by service upliftment on the other. I am passionate about improving my way of servicing and devoting myself from reactive to become proactive. Expectations are not about winning laurels across stakeholders & customers, but to put my ideas & creativity to make things little better.

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be a green human, be a glazy fire

Puneet Verma

By on September 11, 2014

think of krishna, enjoy this verse
nothing destroys, in this universe
rules of nature, we shall abide
give up the path where, illusions reside
neither are we creator, nor we are destroyer
be a green human, be a glazy fire

everything changes, form to form
human to soil, soil to worm
changes this day, changes this night
changes this black, changes this white
avoid the blabbing, never be a liar
be a green human, be a glazy fire

to each and every action, there is a reaction
echo comes back, just in a fraction
comes back the pain, comes back desire
comes back the cause, comes back satire
be a green human, be a glazy fire

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