Well… I am Greeny or you can call me by my real name  Puneet Verma, Himachali. Started this blog in September 2009 with an aim to share green thoughts & info with people of my city, Delhi. Since then greentech blog got enriched with more than 100 poems, more than 100 stories and more than 200 articles & news.

Prosperity and happiness of mind & body is what green means to me.  And green thoughts can bring peace and salvation. Mission Green Delhi blog is immolation, the divine fire of which will scorch black emotions like anger, greed and sufferings.

Onlinemorning is my youtube channel where you can find more than 100 videos including audios of all my poems.  You can find all my poems on a single blog at missiongreendelhi.wordpress.com

To become member of this Mission Green Delhi campaign, mail us at missiongreendelhi@gmail.com or whatsapp us by clicking here.

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