Back to School with Green Hearts

I studied at lovely public school, east delhi, india from class prep to class XIIth. Till tenth class at new layal pur branch of LPS and 11th and 12th at PD Vihar branch of Lovely Public School. It was after around 9 years, of leaving school everybody lost contact to each other. But then social networking websites like orkut and facebook came which are often referred as “Time Stealers”, that brought all school friends in contact. One of my childhood friend decided that we should meet again, and cherish old memories of School Days. He came to me and we both went to our school according to the plan. After we (Chitwan Malhotra,Nitin Garg, Gaurav Valecha, Ramit Dua,Amit Batra,Ankit, Gaurav Ratra) met in school, we went to our class, canteen, playground, swimming pool and remembered our older days. Now i was wondering why was this get-together happened.  What was the thought behind it? And again the answer was “Green Human”. It was the green human, that asked Chitwan to initiate such a memorable meeting. Now here Chitwan was the person, who initiated this green thought, and then everybody including me supported him. Friends who were there and who were far away looking forward for this meet, all were having green hearts. After all their green heart still has love for their school friends and their wonderful school life.

People who inspired me

Mr Mahendra Lalwani, Founder of TelExcell Information Systems is always an inspiration for me, for his leadership and his way of motivating his team to innovate new technology solutions. As a Managing Director of world’s no.1 CPE vendor, he was always there for us helping us in invoking the “Green Human” inside us.

Some more big names i always keep in mind while performing any task are Mr. Rishi Samadhia, Pinaki Chatterjee, Mohit Malkani, Shashidhar Bhat & Manoj Kumar.

I always wanted to research to the depths of Internet Technologies and these were the leaders who always supported me and trained me on the roots of world wide web. Its just due to the blessings and presence of these people,  i am now capable of continuing with “Mission Green” venture. I feel myself as a lucky guy, and would like to dedicate this blog to all my gurus.  Would like to thank my godfathers.

Internal View of Security Firewall – By Me

Here is a small view of the device most of the companies use to protect their office networks from threats like virus, worms and
intruders. Due to my passion in Internet Technologies, i have created these videos. I tried to upload these videos on youtube and google videos like my other 50 video tutorials, but found that there were space and time restrictions on youtube and google video has stopped free uploading of videos on it. I am an OEM trainer level trained professional on security, and like to share basics of security with my friends and viewers, to make them aware of the security device they use in their offices, the box which restricts facebook on their pcs … lolz …. just joking …. its basically added to restrict employees to waste their time on time stealing websites, protecting them from viruses, worms and making effective use of bandwidth or internet speed for various applications. I feel proud and consider myself as lucky professional who spent his few years with technocrats like Mahendra Lalwani, Rishi Samadhia, Pinaki Chatterjee, Roy Gray, Mohit Malkani, Shashidhar Bhat and Manoj Kumar. Would like to thank all these gurus for the time they invested on me.

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