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Top Environmentalists of Delhi

Swami Prem Parivartan, also known as Peepal Baba, just like his name is spreading awareness to plant more and more trees to calm global warming. In his talks, he emphasizes on growing environment-friendly trees instead of putting efforts only on planting ornamental saplings in homes balcony & terrace.

He is the founder of trust Give Me Trees, which started as a hobby activity for planting trees by some students in 1977. Three decades later,  it was registered as an environmental trust dedicated to planting and conserving trees. Today, GiveMeTrees Trust is one of the largest community based voluntary tree planting and conservation movements in India.

Volunteers from all across the country support Peepal Baba over the years. He is a post graduate in English Literature. and have done Masters degree in Mass Communications. He teaches college students for a living and spends the rest of his day traveling and teaching people the art of planting trees.

Here are some highlights of the work done by Peepal Baba for environment sustainability.

To connect with Peepal Baba, please whatsapp Mission Green Delhi (www.missiongreendelhi.com) founder Puneet Verma at +919910162399.

Pravin Mishra is on top of our list for top environmentalists of Delhi. Pravin has taken big initiatives for the welfare of capital of India. He is consistently organizing environment awareness campaigns in Delhi, doing workshops on building & maintaining terrace gardens and owns a nursery to provide saplings to Delhi people. On a regular basis, Pravin is sensitizing Delhi citizens to take steps to make Delhi clean and green.

Pravin belongs to Burari region of Delhi, and along with his wife spread the message of Green Delhi by collaborating with other environmentalists.  Here are some of the highlights of his work:

To connect with Pravin Mishra, please whatsapp Mission Green Delhi (www.missiongreendelhi.com) founder Puneet Verma at +919910162399.

Verhaen Khanna, Promoter of New Delhi Nature Society, is one of the top environmentalists of Delhi who breathe greenery and inspire people around him. Doing youtube talks with environment contributors, sensitizing people by bringing them closer to nature, organizing tree climbing events in green zones of Delhi, taking actions against people causing harm to trees & animals and running environment sessions/speeches in schools has been forte of New Delhi Nature Society.

Here is some of the great work done for environmental sustainability by Verhaen Khanna recognized by people.

To connect with Verhaen, please whatsapp Mission Green Delhi (www.missiongreendelhi.com) founder Puneet Verma at +919910162399.

Anubha Jain from Vaishali is actively involved in lots of plantation drives in the city. She collaborates with other nature lovers, schools, government personnel to spread greenery around her area. Even though she is an IT expert, she understands her responsibility towards environment protection and spends her free time doing tree plantation drives.

Here is some of her work as an environmental activist around Delhi:-

To connect with Anubha Jain, please whatsapp Mission Green Delhi (www.missiongreendelhi.com) founder Puneet Verma at +919910162399.

Rotract Club of Sri Aurobindo college has been involved in several plantation drives in Delhi. The students of this club collaborate with citizens of various parts of the city and do plantation drives for protection of the environment.  I would like to thank active members of the group who always keep Mission Green Delhi informed about their green initiatives.

Here are the highlights of some of the work done by  Rotract Club of Sri Aurobindo college in Delhi.

To connect with Rotract Club, please whatsapp Mission Green Delhi (www.missiongreendelhi.com) founder Puneet Verma at +919910162399.

Mohammad Sarfaraz from JJ Colony, Bawana is doing a great job in changing the look of the slum area by creating awareness among people to keep the area clean and plant trees here. Sarfaraz organizes the free distribution of Saplings to beautify his area and woke of people who dropped off into slumber.

Here is few highlights of work done by Mohammad Sarfaraz in Bawana region of Delhi.

To connect with Mohammad Sarfaraz, please whatsapp Mission Green Delhi (www.missiongreendelhi.com) founder Puneet Verma at +919910162399.

Mrs. Ranju Minhas is an educationist and environmental crusader working towards conservation of natural resources since 2005. She founded Shield citizen’s initiative in 2010. The society won WWF Earth hour award.

She founded “WoW Delhi” for financial empowerment of women in 2012.

In 2016 she started “Harit kachra kranti” movement to raise awareness on the issue of waste generation in cities. She worked on finding solutions to manage green waste at household level itself. In 2018 she innovated a “ranjucompostbin” a household cost effective and easy to operate composting device. Mrs. Minhas is a dynamic women entrepreneur, having launched “PURE WASH” venture (Handmade herbal Soaps) to check water pollution at household level. Currently she conducts “Regenerative lifestyle” workshops in communities.

To connect with Ranju Minhas, please whatsapp Mission Green Delhi (www.missiongreendelhi.com) founder Puneet Verma at +919910162399.

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