MGD Green Talk at Krishi Jagran by Pravin Mishra

Krishi Jagran, renowned magazine & news publication for agriculture, farming and food processing, today hosted Mission Green Delhi(MGD) Green Talk at their Green Park office with Pravin Mishra.

Krishi Jagran is a magazine dedicated exclusively to agriculture. It is published in 11 Indian regional languages – Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Assamese, Odia, Tamil & Malayalam . In English it is published as Agriculture World.

Airothon Warriors Award to Mission Green Delhi platform at India International Center

I’m proud & honored to announce that On 26th October 2018, in an Airothon, Air Pollution Control Technology Conference organized by Vprospurs and IPCA, Mission Green Delhi platform and blog was awarded with Airothon Warriors Award.  The primary objective of this conference was to bring all stakeholders on same page to understand air pollution causes and it’s effects, discuss technologies to combat it, loopholes and next steps.

Opening sessions from Vprospurs founder Pradeep Maithani and Deputy Director, IPCA Radha Goyal gave me insights about primary causes of air pollution in Delhi and how to counter them better. Chief Guest, Shri S N Sahu, Joint Secretary, Rajya Sabha made me proud as he talked about taking inspirations from Indian history to save environment. He delivered examples from life of Mahatama Gandhi ji, how this great leader inspired people to keep thinking about air pollution & swachhta in form of swaraj.

The session proceeded with Panel discussions taken up by Green Dream Foundation founder, Ashish Sachdeva, Yourowngreenarea founder and director, Sachin Panwar and IPCA deputy director Radha Goyal. Conference ended successfully with Airothon Warrior Awards ceremony.


Shouldn’t We Fight Air Pollution By Working from Home this Winter ?

Why is it necessary for professionals to work from home this winter ?

If you are commuting to workplace this winter, please keep in mind that you are just boosting pollution levels which already are out of control in Delhi NCR. Please ask your employer to provide you work for home option(if possible) to avoid addition of vehicles on roads. Otherwise take responsibility for all those deaths in the city which are results of on-going harmful pollution gases. Staring in wonder and acting as a contributor to festival pollution and crop burning pollution is not at all required at this time as our future is on stake. By not taking proper steps, we are responsible to produce health issues in our children.

Anyone for whom there is possibility to work from home or remote location should try it and employers should devise this much flexibility in their work life balance policies. This would help combat air pollution challenge to greater extent in coming 2-3 months when these levels are at their extreme limits. This is going to save electricity, fuel, water, time and possibly increase employee efficiency.


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