Era Of Mind Replacement … High Alert

This is the era of mind replacement. From last few years or a decade i have felt something which i would like to share.Time to time the theory of replacement is being implemented by people under the effect of various type of news they watched on their TV sets. For eg- earlier  we were purchasing fresh milk on daily basis from dairy nearer to our homes. But after watching some news, we suspected the traditional cattle dairy and started using ready made milk. In similar way fresh fruits, which we used to purchase from sabji mandi near to our homes, is being replaced by ready made juices due to some news we have watched on our TV sets.Sugarcane juice which was taken by our grand parents on daily basis is announced as dirty drink that is created by using dirty methods. I think our grand parents who were never effected by any news channel in their lifetime were fit and fine and lived healthy life as compared to youth today who are switching over to ready made food products. Now lets see how announcements related to poision in vegetables brain wash us to go for ready made and packed green vegetables. In country where fresh vegetables, fruits, milk are produced on daily basis, we are turning ourselves to something which is just like a stored product in showroom, something telling us that we are losing our capability to produce food. But reality is that green vegetables, fruits and milk would always be produced in Indian villages and cities and nobody in this world can stop us to consume food produced by our farmers and milk produced by our cattlemen. Cattle and Agriculture will always remain super sources of our economy and health.

Used muddler again

It felt great when i used traditional method to create green sauce of mint leaves today once again. This was the method my grand mother use in village. And in my childhood days my mother used to do this using muddler. But as time passed away, muddler was replaced by mixer grinders. Few bunches of mint, few green chilies, coriander leaves, lemon ,two onions, little salt are mixed, mashed and crushed by muddler using traditional style. After efforts of half an hour, it felt great. I loved it and decided not use mixer grinder anymore. Tasty green chutney or sauce was ready to be taken in dinner with some Roti, Rice and Daal. I hope i would try to avoid ready made tomato and chilli sauce now and go for this interesting traditional style of making green chutney. I recommend my readers to have a glass of Brahmi sharbat or juice to keep your body and mind cool in present heat of delhi.

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