Awareness Trend of Delhi on Tree Plantation

Did short research on what people searched on the internet in the context of Delhi pollution. And found below chart that clearly states that from the last 5 years people talk about the problem term ie air pollution and not about the solutions. The trends communicate that the searches for terms like air pollution spikes upon the onset of October and November and take a rest for the rest of the months of the year.

Interest levels for terms like waste management, waste segregation, plastic waste could be seen at least. “Tree plantation” is not visible in the trends.

Out of all the solutions people are more interested in waste management.

Data Credit: Google Trends
Data Credit: Google Trends

Mission Green Delhi Community Members Participated in Green Talk by Anant Vakta Channel

Anant Vakta Indian National Magazine featured Mission Green Delhi Community members in Green Talk organized by Environmentalist Pravin Mishra in their farm in Burari to bring people of Delhi NCR closer to nature and spread awareness on sustainable living in urban regions.

Green Talk in Delhi along with Nature, Nilgai & Dahi Chivda

Green Talk was organized by Environmentalist Pravin Mishra on Sunday, 20th December at Harit Bagwani Nursery, Burari. Along with a scenic view of Nilgai at his farm in Delhi, participants also enjoyed Bihar special Dahi Chivda, a popular desi food. The number of participants had been kept limited for maintaining social distancing and hygiene.

Watch full video of Green Talk.

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