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Life of Webmaster” is my Youtube channel where you will find my travel and other videos of various parts of India.

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My Travel to This Blue Island of Corals & Natural Bridge in India

During my family trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands, i visited this awesome place during our stay on Neil Island. The place is appropriate for visit during low tides. We experienced beautiful corals and sea species on this beach. Climbed 100 meters using stairs from the parking and then went down around 50 meters to the beach. Charming sea species like live corals, dead corals, star fish, jelly fish, and crabs caught our attention. The place is known for natural stone bridge also known by name Howrah Bridge at Laxmanpur II beach. It’s good to walk slowly on protruding rocks and corals here. I was fascinated by the view of blue water of ocean in evening. I was really complacent by traveling to this place. Good if you can take guide services at Rs. 200. Subscribe to my youtube channel to experience my travel to beautiful places of India.

Jet Ski at Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island

Bharatpur beach is near Jetty on Neil Island of Andaman and Nicobar islands, India. The place offers numerous water sports activities, all included in a package. This beach gets its beauty from white sand, sea species, coral views & green sea.

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