Is Climate Change Real – Documentary by student of Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies

Great work Ms. Manju! Manju is student in Vivekananda institute of professional studies and has worked on documentary on climate change awareness.

As we are moving to a more developed society, there is something very important that we are lagging behind, our Environment. Many people around the world don’t believe in Climate Change, we are still not ready to accept the fact that we have ruined the earth in such manner where it is moving forward to a catastrophe. This documentary aims to inform people what exactly we mean when we say “Climate is Changing” , what can we do about it and the very fact that it is REAL.

Thanks for providing Mission Green Delhi Community members an opportunity to contibute in your documentary project. Best wishes for climate change adaptation from Mission Green Delhi Community.

Feel free to write to us at for supporting such awareness initiatives going forward.

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