Mission Green Delhi is an online environmental & social awareness campaign initiated by Puneet Verma in 2009 to share green poetry, stories, ideas, articles, history, spirituality, news and green technologies.

The blog is enriched with more than 100 beautiful poems authored by poet Puneet who belongs to Delhi. Idea behind Mission Green Delhi blog is to bring environmental & social awareness and concern in our society by using Environmental Literature as tool. This campaign will act as catalyst to empower our national development process in the areas of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Due to deep interest in content curation and writing poetry, Puneet felt a need to use these passions for national development and sensitization of youth of India.


Thanks a lot for visiting  Mission Green Delhi blog. I strongly feel that you are here to explore & search organizations of Delhi who are involved in green initiatives. Let me introduce mission green Delhi blog. It is understandable that events & thoughts presented in form of stories and poetry leave better mark on readers rather than delivering them directly.  Therefore Mission Green Delhi blog is a collection of stories, poems and articles that would ultimately bring an interest in green activities and actions. 

क्या बदलाव के लिए मैं अकेला ही काफी हूँ ? ऐ शीतल वृक्ष, क्या तू भी कुछ नही करेगा । एक एक बीज के सहारे, क्या तू भी नही बढेगा । गर तू भी रूठ गया हो तो, मांग रहा अब माफी हूं । क्या बदलाव के लिए, मैं अकेला ही काफी हूँ ? ©मिशन ग्रीन दिल्ली

We are on a mission to make Delhi a greener place with no road traffic, healthy citizens, self-employed youth, secure networks in offices, develop spiritual and calm thinkers, innovative minds and my biggest dream is to make Delhi a heaven for our present and future generations. Not looking like a difficult task if we start thinking green in whatever we do.  This is an initiation of a spike green campaign as we want everybody to be the part of this mission and share their thoughts with us. Road traffic is increasing day by day, because of which environment is becoming polluted. Pollution is contributing towards unhealthy lifestyle. Being unhealthy, it is difficult to think of becoming entrepreneur & self employed. So “MISSION GREEN DELHI” is a combined term which has been given to Delhi with no pollution, healthy environment, no crimes, healthy minds, self -employed youth, secure working environment, healthy food, loving people.

ॐ मिशन ग्रीनाए नमः


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