Vertical Gardening – MGD Learning on the go

Vertical Gardening – MGD Learning on the go

Vertical Gardening is the next big thing to connect the crucial elements of
Environmental Values + Horticulture + Technology + Entrepreneurship + Gig Jobs. And hence this effort to groom the youth with mobile-first, on the go learning approach.

  • We Indians have the great opportunity to reap the demographic dividend as we are home to the largest youth population in the world with around 2 Cr people turning 18 years every year. Creating gainful employment for the new entrants of the workforce is the priority. The emergence of Industry 4.0 has complicated the employment scenario where the research says 50% of the India workforce needs re-skilling. Despite sustained economic growth in the country, the need is evident to think laterally for alternate livelihoods.
  • Vertical gardening as a service at homes, offices and public places has the potential to engage thousands of youth in the socio-economic activity.
  • Benefits are plenty – Grow your vegetables, medicinal plants, herbs and flowers | Control indoor pollution | Experiential learning for children | Green contributions | Healing your mind | Productivity from kitchen waste | Enhance office ambiance | Beautify public amenities

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