Green Story of Humari Delhi

Green Story of Humari Delhi

In 2019, the Delhi government flagged off 200 sewer cleaning machines. These machines were given to skilled cleaning workers so that they would not have to enter the tanks and manhole or sewer to clean them. This vehicle and cleaning machine technology developed by Delhi Jal Board officials will make it easy to keep Delhi clean and our sanitation workers will also be safe.

In 2020, the government launched the Green Delhi app to control pollution so that residents of Delhi can report polluting activities from their mobiles.

In 2020 itself, the government announced the tree transplantation policy, according to which any department would have to transplant eighty percent of the trees to do the development work and also take care of them. For this, they have to seek help from a panel agency set up by the government. In addition to transplantation, ten saplings will also have to be planted with each tree.

The roads of Delhi are being dusted free through Mechanized Road Sweeping or MRS machines.

In 2017, pilot testing of anti-smog towers had been carried out in areas with polished areas like Anand Vihar and Connaught Place in Delhi.

In 2020 itself, the Delhi government set up a green war room set at the Delhi Secretariat to monitor the polling at 13 hot spots.

To clean the Yamuna river, Delhi Government held a review meeting with the Delhi Jal Board in November to reduce Yamuna pollution by 90 percent by March 2023. Delhi Jal Board shared a plan to use 400 MGD treated wastewater. At present 90 MGD treated wastewater had been used.

CPCB launched COVID19BWM Android App for biomedical waste management tracking and disposal.

But apart from these efforts of the government, what has the people of Delhi contributed to making Delhi clean and green.

Let’s share the story of our efforts on the Mission Green Delhi Community Platform. How we are trying to save the Delhi environment. Come and join the Mission Green Delhi Independent Community platform and connect the whole of Delhi with it.

Visit today and register on our community platform. Thank you.

Makarsankranti Celebrations at Bagwani Nursery Burari

Makarsankranti Celebrations at Bagwani Nursery Burari

Environmentalist Pravin Mishra organized Makarsankranti Environmental event at his farm Bagwani Nursery Burari on 14th Jan 2020. Around 50 citizens of Delhi NCR participated in this collaborative event and demonstrated their plants and environmental products.

People had a lot of fun by participating in team-building activities, enjoyed delicious Indian food, and shared their knowledge on sustainability. Eminent Youtuber Anish Sinha also joined and captured the event. Anish Sinha runs a successful Gardening channel Delhi Dudes on Youtube with more than 4 Lakh+ Subscribers.

For participation in such environmental events, please feel free to reach out to us at 9910162399.

Before You Buy Vermicompost

Before You Buy Vermicompost

Treatment of organic waste is need of an hour and it’s high time to start it at our domestic settings and stop flowing it into the garbage dumpsite or landfill.

At Mission Green Delhi community platform, our 400+ community members have got the chance to learn manufacturing of Vermicompost from our experts like Pravin Mishra who have been doing terrace gardening and composting workshops at various parts of Delhi. Vermicompost can boost our efforts put for small scale sustainable, organic farming.

Vermicompost is used as nutrient-rich manure, organic fertilizer, and soil conditioner. It is produced by decomposing vegetable organic waste or food waste along with bedding material to get simpler organic compounds using various microorganisms like earthworms or red worms.

Please ensure you are aware of below things before buying Vermicompost for your terrace garden:

  1. Vermi compost should not be adulterated with river sand or red soil, coco peat to gain product weight. The compost should be pure which should not cause root rotting and fungal growth in plants. Customer needs to ensure if it should not be only potting mix while making a purchase.
  2. It’s better to check with the local nursery instead of ordering it online. Local nurseries could provide it around Rs.35 per kg. If you want to order in online please check the reviews and refund policy in case the product is adulterated.
  3. Please ensure the supplier should have packed the product properly and wet mud or stones shouldn’t be added to gain weight.
  4. The product shouldn’t smell like cow dung
  5. It’s important to check the delivered compost and take an expert advise before putting it on all garden plants. The snails or worms present in the compost could impact your plants in negative manner.
  6. If are new to Vermi compost, it’s important to understand the difference between vermi, soil, sand and compost.

If you are interested in organizing Vermi Composting & Terrace Gardening workshop at your home or any other location, please Whatsapp us at +919910162399 or visit It’s better to understand the process with a domain expert before putting money into some composting product online.   

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