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This is a WordPress Plugin that will greatly enhance the traffic of your WordPress Websites. This script will politely prompt your visitor with a Share or Like button, in a small pop-up frame. Allowing them to share your site with all of their friends on Facebook.Facebook has millions of users. Which means that a plugin like this one has huge potential. The average FaceBook user has over 100 friends (many have much more).

So that means every time someone “likes” or “shares” your website, on average 100 people will see a link to your site. Can you see the enormous potential here?
Control the web-address that is Shared/Liked
Choose either Like or Share button to be shown
Control the length (in time) the message is shown, – it adds a countdown timer
Control the amount of time in between showings to the same person
Control the destination of your visitor – after they press the Like/Share button
Built in affiliate program – make 75% on every sale that comes from your built in link (optional)

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