Turned Back and Saw Him

Hi Dost … I feel myself like a bird sitting on some tree in Delhi and is  busy in eating fruits of life. I am so much involved in my fruits that i am unaware of someone who needs me and wants my attention.And there is someone who is watching me and my activities. He is enjoying watching me and my involvement in my fruits known as pleasures. He is just like my best friend who is just waiting for me so that i can understand that life is not about involvement in fruits and about jumping from one tree to another. He is sitting behind me like a truth and i am not ready to turn back and accept his existence. We are becoming monkey who always keep on jumping from one tree to another in search of fruits (Pleasures) and eat them with full involvement. I consider myself as a piece of wood burning in a bonfire that is taken out from it and now  this piece of burning wood is groaning(Feeling Insecure) under the effects of rain and storm. The liberation of this extinguishing piece of wood is in burning in a bonfire. Just like an impatient monkey and piece of wood, i am involved in a game(world) of magicians and dancing according to their instructions for my fruits. This impatience will take us nowhere and we will extinguish like a burnt piece of wood. So the best way is to turn back and see your true friend sitting behind you on that tree and accept his divine power like Sudama accepted Krishna and submitted his each and every task to him. Just like Arjuna accepted Krishna and submitted himself to his friend to search out eternal peace.

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