IIT Supporting Anna Hazare in Delhi

IIT students from Kharagpur came to New Delhi for supporting Anna Hazare Campaign for Lokpal Bill. As corruption is now the part of each and every field, people from all walks of life were coming to support Anna Hazare Anti-corruption campaign in New Delhi.  There were people from Media, Law, Education and various other fields. IIT is the prestigious institute of India and minds developed here are capable of understanding the whole corruption web easily and hence they are the people who can spread awareness of differences between whats right and whats wrong. They can help our nation in building constructive technology solutions that can help India in becoming most Technically Advance nation of this world. They are the people who can develop and innovate methods to generate more employment opportunities in India by using our domestic resources and hence helping in fast removal of Poverty, Unemployment and Thefts. With their initiatives we can go back to the period of Noble prize winners in India, the period where India was known for developing Advance Technologies. The period where India was using Gurukul Education to build Applied Sciences, Applied Sciences to build technical solutions, and technical solutions to build Indian Industries and hence more skilled people of world whose work was worths diamonds and golds. We need to focus on generating business opportunities using what we have. And then exporting those innovations to the people of world.

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