Minister and his Security Inspector

This is the story of a person in Delhi who was very talented and was experienced in working with top business people in India as Security Inspector. After huge working experience with founder of a big company in India, he lost his job. After few months of efforts he got his new job with a minister in Delhi as security inspector.  Minister was very kind hearted and was always working for the welfare of the people in his city. He hired the inspector as he was inspired by his defense skills and devotion towards him. When inspector was asked about the salary expectations, he told minister quite good amount Rs.85,000 a month and minister refused to offer him though he was very good at his skill set, experience and qualification. Minister asked him “Why should i offer you 85000 a month ?”. Security Inspector replied “Dear Sir .. You have already seen my defense skills. And i would feel proud in acting as security guard for you as saving a life of a kind person like you is itself an honour. But what i think is accepting below Rs.85000 a month for the security of a person like you would be shameful for me.” Hearing this reply minister at once appointed him as his security inspector. Now inspector and his family felt very happy by this job offer. Once upon a time in Delhi, minister was sleeping and he dreamt of a lady who was crying outside his house. In dream, minister asked his inspector to see why that lady was crying. Inspector went to the lady and asked her about her problem. Lady told her “Officer … I am crying because i have seen that your kind master will die after sometime and solution to save him is sacrifice of the life of some brave and honest person like him”. Inspector told her that he will give his life for his master and went home to meet his wife and children before death. When wife and children heard about the calamity, everybody in family stood up for the minister. Wife and children went with Inspector to offer their lives for their master. On the other hand, when minister or boss saw all this, he woke up and went to the lady and asked her to take his life and leave his honest officer and his family. Suddenly that lady got transformed into an angel and uttered “Dear Officer … this was just a test to see if you really care for your boss and if you are performing your duty well. And Dear Minister … it was just a test to check if you are caring for people in your city or not and performing your duties well or not. You are a great Minister. And i am proud to see that you both have passed in this test and no sacrifice is required for now. City of Delhi, with such great ministers and officers will become highly prosperous city, ie: Green City. May god bless you both. And she disappeared”

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