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From so many years, we have driven our cars with empty seats. Carpooling community portals are the simple meeting place to find friends, neighbors,  classmates and coworkers going the same way you are. Combining social networks and our proprietary route-matching algorithms of carpool websites owners, it has become easy to share the seats in our car or catch a ride. Carpool systems empowers you to create social, sustainable and convenient transportation inside your city. Together we can get connect through carpool social platforms and travel anywhere.
It’s simple! Carpooling is a fun way to get where you need to go. Connect with friends, reduce your carbon footprint, save money, save fuel and your environment.

By focusing on college, university and corporate communities, we are able to build the critical mass of users necessary to sustain Carpool as a reliable form of transportation. Our approach leverages social trust and hands-on marketing efforts to deliver significant savings for schools and corporations of various sizes and commute profiles.
We embrace ridesharing as a social activity and Facebook and Orkut provides a rich social context to connect and establish trust. Carpoolers can view profiles for common networks, interests and friends before deciding to share a ride.
Some of the world’s popular carpoolers are Zimride. If you are aware of popular carpoolers in your city, you can share with us on Green Tech Delhi Blog.


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