A Day with my Boss

I was searching for Aswathama and found my real life gurus. Started discussing about existence of Aswathama with them and learned some great things and got answers to some good questions. What i already know about him was that he is still there in this world in the form of cyclones. According to some people he is a big man with white dhoti and they saw him several times requesting them to treat his forehead which is still bleeding since thousands of years back. To find out answers to our spiritual questions, never follow fake gurus of today, rather go for books that were created after research of thousands of years like Bhagwat Geeta, Atm Bodh, Tatv Bodh, Tiruvalluvar, Samsara – the wheel of life Etc. One of my great Managers and Technocrats says “Read chapter 4 Shloka 22 of Geeta. It says men are here to perform only Kriya Yoga and our life depends on how we perform it. Longer we perform, the life cycle becomes longer otherwise it will keep on reducing and also the time and body size. We release CO2 and intake oxygen. But plants perform reverse process and hence their life is longer then human. Why do all yogis sit under the tree and then do meditation? Because they get more oxygen and then release more CO2 back to plants or trees. All these teaching are delievered by Lord Krishna in Geeta to Ikvakshu , and then to Surya and then to Manu.” Everything is inside us. If we talk about the breathing process of tortoise, then it breaths approx 4 times in a minute and human breathes 8-10 times in and out in a minute. Tortoise lives more than 150 years and we as human live 50-110 years approx. Have you ever wondered why ancient writing are written in complex and encrypted forms in the form of stories. Why we we need to decode them and interpret great things from them ? Why painting of Mona Lisa describes so much information about this world ? Why can’t authors make it easy and straight forward to understand? The answers to all these questions is that their experience was larger then life and words to describe them were less. So they used encrypted forms. Other reason could be to ensure that right person get into the next level, one who have hunger to learn more. Wise men never spoon feed their students but create circumstances to make them learn from it. Its just like swimming teacher push you into pool, so that you can learn it yourself. It depends on how we think. Fool will interpret as if his swimming teacher is trying to kill him. Ancient Scripts are created for open eyes and if we read them with close eyes of mind, then its difficult to understand the real teachings. Certificates can only provide us knowledge but not awareness. Certificates have final levels but awareness doesn’t have. Awareness is just the art of going to the next level and keep on understanding things inside and outside. If we keep on practicing and understanding our eco system, we will develop what is called “Awareness”. Connecting ourselves to nature (5 elements) could be the start. You might meet people who talk more but are calm internally. And there are others who look quiet but are packed with great noise inside. The solution is awareness. And distraction by elements of nature could be the big obstacles in this path as nature don’t like to reveal its secrets so easily. It can be achieved by practice.

The Art of Producing Gems

People are looking like islands who spend their daily life in shouting at other islands in a sea of misunderstanding as per George Eliot .  India is a place where all these islands are united to form a country with no sea of misunderstanding between them. Good words and smile are like gems, if we keep on distributing them on daily basis, people will keep them in their heart safely. They might not get time to see these gems in their busy life but a day will come when they will pick out these gems from heart, watch it and then feel peaceful and happy about the person who distributed it. These gems  are just like seeds which fall from trees. More they fall from trees, more trees they will produce and ultimately more seeds. So if we want to produce more gems in our heart, then we need distribution process. No matter where we are, its our duty to produce these gems in our communication to become supportive towards the person standing in front of us. And india is a place where you will find such gems in each and every heart.

आज दिन है हमारी जीत का

आज का दिन जशन का दिन है. आज अन्ना का दिन है. आज हर उस वीर और वीरांगना का दिन है जिन्होंने देश की सेवा करते हुए अपने जीवन को समर्पित कर दिया. आज दिन है झाँसी की रानी को याद करने का जिसने बचपन में ही पूरी दुनिया से ये कह डाला था “मेरी झांसी नहीं दूँगी”. जिसने छोटी सी उम्र में अपना सर कटा कर भी देश की रक्षा की थी. आज दिन है नमन का हर उस वीर को जो देश की रक्षा में जुटा है. आज दिन है वापस बुलाने का हर उस हिन्दुस्तानी को, जो हमसे रूठ कर दुनिया के किसी कोने में चला गया है.  आज दिन है इन्सानिअत का, आज दिन है दोस्तों को गले लगाने का. आज दिन है गरीब को उठाने का, कमजोर को जगाने का. आज दिन है किसान का, आज दिन है एकजुट होकर काम करने का. आज दिन है सत्य का, आज दिन है धर्म का. आज दिन है सरकार की जीत का, आज दिन है हर पार्टी की जीत का. आज दिन है भारत की जीत का, आज दिन है हमारी जीत का. Long Live India

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