How do you feel when people come to you?

How does one feel when people come to you for advise or help. And what level of happiness do you get when your help or advise bring social and environmental change around. With mission green delhi blog, i started discovering that people of Delhi were really interested in bringing change around them. They want to get rid of this pollution, noise and growing heat. They want to expel them out and are seeking advise from people who are expert in this domain. To support them in their search for experts, i started with a whatsapp group wherein these people can meet learned individuals who carry abundant information to guide them. I feel this group is becoming helpful in building better relationship between information seeker and information provider like mentor and mentee. Slowly this green delhi blog is transforming into a fully fledged collaboration platform which helps us all to learn, fill information gaps and get direction to achieve goals of environment sustainability. When you land on our website, you must be one of the following:

  1. Looking for advise on how to start with plantation in your region
  2. Seeking information about sources of free/paid saplings in Delhi, for home, area group campaigns and corporate drives
  3. Interested in knowing about on-going green campaigns to serve as volunteer
  4. Want to learn new methods of plantation at home and composting
  5. Jobs & internships

Though mission green delhi does not deal in selling plants, we collaborate on this platform to arrange plants and volunteers from nurseries and non-profit groups. It gives me immense pleasure in serving people through this platform without charging a single penny. If you really feel, Mission Green Delhi platform can bring difference in your lifestyle and society, then please don’t pay us but share us as much that whole city must start thinking about Mission Green Delhi.

Free Plants Distribution at Burari Chowk on July 1st 2018

Just like last year, this year also Pravin Mishra and team is going to distribute free saplings at Burari chowk. Here is the invite to join Mission Green Delhi as many of us wanted to do plantation activities but do not have saplings to do so. Please connect with Pravin Mishra for more details.


Environment Awareness Journey.
Be Ready for Future.
Free PLANTS DISTRIBUTION for Better Environment.
Let’s Join Hands Together For Better Environment.
Our Environment is in danger, we should aware at least 5 Citizens towards Behter Paryawaran.
Sunday July 1st. 2018,
8.00-10.00 am @ Burari Chowk
You are cordially Invited, It’s Citizens Initiative,Your Support is Our Strength.

Pravin Mishra
Madhu Tiwari
Anoop Kumar
Vikash Yadav
Shekhar Mishra
Mukesh Maurya
You… & Many more
#Paryawaran Mitra
Contact for suggestions & Support- 9818789315

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