Haven’t you heard of Green Delhi Blog yet?

Green Delhi blog is my initiation to bring green thoughts & ideas on the Green Screen of Delhi ie. MISSION GREEN DELHI Blog. I am not a big person to awake whole of India on “Go Green” concept. So i decided to contribute by doing what i can with what i have. I don’t know everybody in this world, but one thing, that i know is “The people of my city, thats Delhi”. Inspired from Delhigreens.com, i have started this one, to make some contribution from my side, with the way i can do it. Mission Green Delhi is not about green environment or green plants, its about “Having Green Mind”. The depth of word “Green” is deeper than a sea, bigger than a sky. Mission Green Delhi is a dream, that is becoming reality as we are moving further in this journey of Development. Its about turning ourselves into “Green Human” and having general awareness each day while doing each activity. Its about invoking awareness among our kids and other people whome we use to meet daily. Its about talking about “MISSION GREEN DELHI”. So..  Haven’t you heard of Green Delhi Blog yet? 🙂

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Puneet Verma is a passionate traveler, environment blogger, techie and nature lover. He owns a beautiful community of 400+ environment enthusiasts at missiongreendelhi.com. Join MGD's #Delhikabagh latest environment awareness campaign and tag @missiongreendelhi and #Delhikabagh on Facebook and Instagram with your environment friendly posts.

Reach out to Puneet @9910162399 for collaboration for making Delhi green and clean.

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