Loving Your Brothers and Sisters

There were two brothers who were living in Delhi. They loved  each other lot and were very good human beings. Big brother was true devotee of lord Krishna and was working for society and god. Younger brother was workaholic working for himself only. But one day younger brother due to some financial problem hacked few company accounts to fulfill his urgent need of money at that time.  He was such a good human being that after committing this sin, he went to his big brother and told him full story. His big brother got angry but at last he calmed his mind and asked him to surrender himself to Delhi police. And finally younger brother did what he was asked to do. He surrendered himself to Delhi Police. Police officer asked him “We have found that you are so intelligent and good human being. Then why have you committed such a sin.”. He told his story about urgent need of money for operation of his wife, who was suffering from cancer in Delhi Hospital. After hearing his story police officer felt pity on him and asked him to leave police station at once. But he told police officer that he want to accept his guilt and want any type of punishment that is appropriate for such a sin. He requested police officer to execute what is required. So, police officer asked him to donate his body parts to somebody who needs it the most. He told that this would be the best punishment for such a sin. He went to the city hospital and registered for body part donation after his death.  He came back to his brother and told him that he has accepted the sin he has committed and police officer has assigned him a punishment which he has accepted. Big brother was very happy to hear that and was eager to share some good news with him. He told him that he has got high paying job offer from from big security company in Delhi.

Moral of this fiction: Respect elders and accept their harsh words as that could be beneficial only. Everybody should perform his or her duty. We have to accept punishment for our bad deeds. Even if you love your children, ask them to accept their sin and punishment for it.

Our Language Might Be Different, But We are One

In a war of lands, there is a need to restart software of our minds. We need to understand that our language and habits might be different but we are one. We are human. We are green human. If i am fighting a war of righteousness and still i am confused about it sometimes then i need a rethink. Because this confusion is indication that god is not with us and he is with our competitor. If god is with our competitor, then what are we doing here ? We cannot fight against our creator, we cannot defeat him. If we already know this then it is the right time to bow our heads to him with love, respect and friendship leaving all ego, attitude and differences of our mind behind. If “X” is the father of “Y” and he/she loves “Y” just like Dhritarashtra loves his children in Mahabharata, then we know the future of “Y”. Its not good for “Y”.  The vibrations in the sound of Shankh at the beginning  of war of righteousness is enough to understand that who will win and confirms the presence of god with us. No matter if we have big technical experts in our team, scientists and smart army but if god is with my competitor then our defeat is approved. So whats the solution ? Solution is to accept friendship and love of our competitor, because our mind is programmed to know that he is our “competitor” but  they never know that we are their enemy. They never like to fight because they are having supreme power in their team. Never bypass truth, no matter what is the situation. If we accept the truth, we will be free from all tensions, frustrations and problems. So if we feel that Lord Krishna is with them, then just accept their love and accept them as they are. Even if our language, country or state or district might be different but we are one. We are human. We are green human.

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