Finally website can be accessed from intranet

Once long back i configured a website hosting apache server in my home and setup a personal website on the server. I typed localhost and was able to browse my PHP/MySQL based website on that linux server.  Now i configured a static IP in my TCP/IP settings and tried to browse the website with that IP address and got the webpage. After doing so i was keen to know that if people outside my LAN network can browse my website or not. So i typed my public IP and got the router page there. I was in need to make my public IP open my LAN IP address. This was possible by network address translation in the router. I have done that and opened my firewall for WAN to LAN connections for my LAN server. Now after doing that i typed the public ip and was unable to browse my website. I called up my Technical Manager and shared my problem with him. He told me that what i was requiring is NAT loopback feature which my router was not supporting  and he told me that this feature was available in the USG 100  provided by ZyXEL. I was more happy to know that ZyXEL was providing solutions to all the problems i was facing  and i was becoming more knowledgeable day by day. Hats off to ZyXEL Team !

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Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma, is founder, promoter & author of Mission Green Delhi blog & platform. He is Acumen & certified Human-Centered Design professional as well. You can find more than 600 articles, stories and poems written by him on this online publication.

To share thoughts with him, you can whatsapp him at +919910162399.

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