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Once long back i configured a website hosting apache server in my home and setup a personal website on the server. I typed localhost and was able to browse my PHP/MySQL based website on that linux server.  Now i configured a static IP in my TCP/IP settings and tried to browse the website with that IP address and got the webpage. After doing so i was keen to know that if people outside my LAN network can browse my website or not. So i typed my public IP and got the router page there. I was in need to make my public IP open my LAN IP address. This was possible by network address translation in the router. I have done that and opened my firewall for WAN to LAN connections for my LAN server. Now after doing that i typed the public ip and was unable to browse my website. I called up my Technical Manager and shared my problem with him. He told me that what i was requiring is NAT loopback feature which my router was not supporting  and he told me that this feature was available in the USG 100  provided by ZyXEL. I was more happy to know that ZyXEL was providing solutions to all the problems i was facing  and i was becoming more knowledgeable day by day. Hats off to ZyXEL Team !

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Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma is passionate traveler, youtuber, webmaster and promoter of Mission Green Delhi blog & platform. He is Acumen & certified Human-Centered Design professional. Subscribe to youtube channel of Puneet "Life of Webmaster" at

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