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If one travels by elevated metro in Delhi through a very thickly populated locality, just have a look on the rooftops of residential houses as well as offices. These are the most shabby places to a have look upon. Why can’t a movement be started that each and every rooftop in Delhi should have as many potted plants as the place can accommodate.

In this hectic metropolitan life, office goers will not be having enough time to water these plants say 100 or so and the eldest one in the house may not have the energy to do that, to a large extent.

A technology solution can be developed wherein all these pot(plastic or cemented) are put on a network of small plastic pipe having opening in each pot for output and only one nod for input of water. Then the only job will be to make the tap on and run it for 30/40 minutes depending upon the season and then switch it off. This way it will be easy to maintain and will not be time consuming.

I have seen some photograph of some foreign capital city where all bridges on the road are beautifully used for growing creeper type of plants and it has covered the whole ugly face of concrete cement place. Why can’t some NGO talk with DMRC or PWD to start a plot project by adopting space between 25 metro pillars for making them greener. Some big corporate houses may approached to sponsor such activity and they may put a small advertisement which is in sync with the environment, not the ugly bill board type which have already spoiled the skyline of NCR.

It is a general tendency that one throws garbage or small litter on a place which is already filthy. But once people see a beautiful landscape around metro pillar and its central wedge, they may not use this a garbage dumping ground.


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V K Bali is an Ex-Scientist "G", Deputy Director General at National Informatics Center (NIC), Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), GOI.

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