Now getting high speed on WLAN

Accessing FTP server data on LAN network is quite fast when using TCP/IP connection but as i shifted from my wired connection to wireless one, i got afraid of the data rate i was getting while making uploads and downloads from  and to my FTP server located on LAN network. The data speed got reduced and again i was looking for the solution and found WAP-3205 wireless access point which provided me extended wireless speed and coverage. I was getting high speed using wireless usb adaptor on my laptop and again was free to enjoy high data speed by sitting anywhere on my WLAN. I felt that the wireless coverage area has also been extended after using this solution.

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Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma, is founder, promoter & author of Mission Green Delhi blog & platform. He is Acumen & certified Human-Centered Design professional as well. You can find more than 600 articles, stories and poems written by him on this online publication.

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