People who inspired me

Mr Mahendra Lalwani, Founder of TelExcell Information Systems is always an inspiration for me, for his leadership and his way of motivating his team to innovate new technology solutions. As a Managing Director of world’s no.1 CPE vendor, he was always there for us helping us in invoking the “Green Human” inside us.

Some more big names i always keep in mind while performing any task are Mr. Rishi Samadhia, Pinaki Chatterjee, Mohit Malkani, Shashidhar Bhat & Manoj Kumar.

I always wanted to research to the depths of Internet Technologies and these were the leaders who always supported me and trained me on the roots of world wide web. Its just due to the blessings and presence of these people,  i am now capable of continuing with “Mission Green” venture. I feel myself as a lucky guy, and would like to dedicate this blog to all my gurus.  Would like to thank my godfathers.

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Puneet Verma is environmental blogger & Mission Green Delhi(MGD) crusader. MGD digital platform has been supported by 400+ environmentalists from Delhi & other parts of India.

Puneet is Acumen & certified Human-Centered Design professional and techie who has vast experience in managing online portfolio of big corporate brands.

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