Secrets To Successfully Baking & Decorating Georgeous Cakes

How to quickly and easily get started on your first cake (it is truly easier than you think!) Now you don’t have to waste any more time and money on things that just don’t work. Get that perfectly flat finish you see on professional frosted cakes and discover the easiest type of frosting to work with. How to properly level your cake. Get this wrong and you might as well start again. Just by using these methods you will save yourself loads of time and frustration! Find out which utensils are critical to your success, and which ones are absolutely useless! Don’t waste any more money finding out the hard way. How to get that butter cream icing super smooth like you see in the shops. Learn the correct methods. The best tricks to filling layers so they don’t overflow. You will be shocked out how simple this is you will wonder why you never thought of it before. Learn what the professionals do when it comes to decorating with flowers. Now you can create a masterpiece with these step-by-step procedures. Create works of art with molds and patterns and see how effective this looks on any style of cake! Learn which patterns to use and why! Learn the advanced techniques of professional cake decorators. You will be blown away!
How to get the best icing consistency for your desired effect. Learn the difference between a cake iced properly and something that looks like it’s melting into jelly. Don’t buy these types of decorations. Most people have no idea why! Some decorations are a definite “NO GO” when it comes to professional cake decorating. Create your own stencils and with less tools than you think! You can work from the comfort of your own home and produce brilliant stencils just like the professionals. Discover the techniques for creative figure piping. How to get perfect results with minimal effort! How to use brush and dusting techniques that will make people go “WOW” Seriously this is a crowd pleaser! Learn which ingredients to use when painting the top layer. Now you can do scenery painting just like the experts!
How to create specialty cakes such as a football, race car, bunny hat, swimming pool etc. Find out how to quickly add your own uniqueness to any predesigned cake. Gain access to 19 exquisite flower designs with various sizes and complexity, to always match the type of cakes you will be decorating. Improve your cake writing skills! Learn new styles and tricks to decorate your cakes with names, occassions and any other message, all from the comfort of your own home! Learn to prevent your hand from shaking! How far can your imagination take you. Learn how the tips and tricks for exploring new ideas. Your mind is the ultimate tool to creating a masterpiece. Where to save money on your utensils and tools. Don’t end up with drawers full of useless tools. Learn to save money on supplies while at the same time getting everything you need! Learn which decorations to use on wedding and stacked cakes, find out what decorations will make your cake look truly unique! Click here for more.

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