Exciting Journey of Father and Kid

Exciting Journey of Father and Kid

A small kid and his father were crossing river in dense green forest. During this adventurous journey by boat, the kid used to get excited while watching beautiful scenes of forest on the way. He requested his father to let him experience the ride without holding his hand. While riding, many a times he was getting attracted by bunch of fresh fruits on the trees. In order to pluck those fruits, he tried jumping again and again but at last got tired and fell down on
the boat.

He was screaming and trying to pluck those fruits again and again. But every time he was falling down and getting hurt. Finally his father explained him to keep some patience and wait till they reach towards next shore of the river.

But he refused listening to his father and insisted him to get those fruits for him without waiting for a second. Father finally plucked away those fruits and offered them to the kid. But as soon the kid was about to accept that fruit and put it in mouth, it got disappeared. Astonished with the mysterious experience, he asked his father how the fruit got disappeared. Father explained him that this fruit is offered by god, only to those people who are patient, tolerant and generous. If you have desires to enjoy this fruit than enjoy the ride and have some patience. If you keep your focus on fruit then boat will start shaking.

The journey of the kid was not easy as he was again and again getting lured by various objects coming on the way. But every time father use to explain him, stop him, and even beat him to show him that its their journey what is important and not materialistic objects.

In this story, i represent the father and my mind represent the kid. This world is a river and this life is the boat.

Message: Journey is the reward, so enjoy the journey … fruits will come automatically.

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