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मिशन ग्रीन दिल्ली का पेज लाइक करें  —>

First verse by Valmiki reveals first man’s concern for wildlife and nature.

Maa Nishaada pratishtaam tvam agamah saashvatee samaah, |

Yat Krauncha-mithunaad ekam avaadheeh kaama-mohitam ||

Meaning: “O hunter! You will not live for long since you shot down the male one out of a pair of heron birds as it was making love.”
Let’s talk about TV actors who will always rule our hearts and minds for what they’ve taught us through television media. In reality, they are the real actors of India, who gave us education of life that will remain alive ever. Yes, i’m talking about Arun Govil (Played Lord Rama in Ramayana) and Nitish Bhardwaj (Played Lord Krishna in Mahabharata) and Sarvadaman D. Banerjee (Played Lord Krishna, Vishnu & Adi Shankaracharya ). People always follow their teaching they have presented with the initiative of Ramanand Sagar Ji & B R Chopra ji. Go to any village in Himachal and you will find pictures of these great actors on walls of most of the homes. We would like to thank each and every team member of Mahabharata, Ramayana and Jai Shree Krishna for what they have given us, the Amrit of life, the way to live life.

These actors might not be appearing on TV screen now-a-days but they are the one who always keep on inspiring us on internet. It’s humble request to media channels, newspapers and govt. of India to bring their episodes and teachings back on India channels. This could be the best step to teach the world that what Indian culture holds for the world. Whole of the Geeta and Ramayana can be seen on youtube and you can know answer of question “Why i am here ?”.  More we watch them, more knowledge we will acquire to become a real human being.


Utility of Forests & Preservation of wildlife has been realized since Ramayana period. Click here to read about it.

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