5 Indoor Plants to Boost Productivity While Working From Home

5 Indoor Plants to Boost Productivity While Working From Home

Working from home has been a dream come true opportunity for numerous, but now this dream opportunity is turning into a nightmare. When all day, you have to look at the same view, you will understand the real meaning of the monotone environment.

If you have observed a downfall in your productivity throughout the course of lockdown and work from home is becoming a headache for you, then you just need a twist of indoor plants. By getting plants to boost productivity, you can cut the monotony of your boring routine and pump up some energy into your lethargic life. Plants for office table can bring so many benefits in your personal and professional life.

How Indoor Plants Helps in Increasing Productivity
By adorning your home office table with air purifying plants, you can lower down the chance of getting sick as you have a continuous supply of oxygen right beside you. Furthermore, when you put green lushing beauties surround you, you can find yourself in a better mood, which will eventually boost your productivity.

5 Indoor Plants for Office Table
If you want to boost your productivity by bringing outside inside your home, you can buy plants online without stepping a foot out. The top five indoor efficiency enhancer plants that you can be bought from the whimsical KraftsDecor range are –

  1. Snake Plant
    For lazy bugs who always forget to water their plants, a snake plant in pristine white melamine pot is the idyllic way to boost your productivity. The dark green leaves styled to create a harmony of darker to lighter strips is a perfect way to uplift your mood. This plant
    can easily purify your home office air under zero maintenance. This picturesque plant will minimally enhance the decorum of your home.

  2. Golden Money Plant
    To tuck away your negative thoughts and bring a wave of motivation in your life, you can place a golden money plant complemented with a gorgeous pot on your workstation. It is a perfect air purifying plants to keep your home pollution-free.

  3. Peace Lily
    The shower of peace and purity will drench your soul when you keep peace lily near your workstation. The list of air-purifying plants is incomplete without this ravishing thick leaves plant. This plant can treat the toxic produced in a closed space like your air-conditioned
    home office that can be very bad for your health. To stay healthy while working from home, just place peace lilies around you.

  4. Areca Palm with Self-watering Pot
    One eye-pleasing Areca palm indoor plant can clean air roughly around 100 square feet of floor space. With a self-watering yellow round pot, you can enjoy style and health altogether in one package.

  5. Air Purifying Combo
    If you have a big home office space, you should buy four sets of air-purifying pots in stunning four shades – Syngonium Plant in White Plastic Pot, Jade Plant in White Plastic Pot, Sansevaria Plant In Orange Plastic Pot and Money Plant in Orange Plastic Pot.

    Please visit KraftsDecor and buy plants online today to boost your productivity and health.
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