Consultants for Hospitals in Delhi

In case of emergency, what a person needs is a phone number where he can call and ask for urgent support. In case of an accident, or a heart attack like situation … the family of a person needs a number of a person or  consultant  who can help them in suggesting the best and nearest hospital in the city, its location, its doctors and the person or the consultant who could take responsibility to transport the effected body for treatment on urgent basis. I strongly feel that if you are aware of best hospitals and doctors in Delhi, then you can act as consultant. If you have undergone through situations of emergency in your life, situations where there was urgent need to decide best place for treatment of your family member, best place to get blood on urgent basis and high quality treatment with less cost, then you can act as independent consultant and help Delhi people in handling such situations with courage. Delhi has large number of best hospitals and doctors for all purposes like A.I.I.M.S, New Delhi. There are hospitals for by Pass surgery like Batra Hospital, Delhi Hearts & Lungs Institute, National Hearts Institute, Apolo and lots more. You can find full list of hospitals in Delhi Here . There is a need to bring all these hospitals under the reach of common man. There is a need of single support center that could help in handling emergencies and could act as a single point of contact. Please share your views on above thought in form of comments.

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