Environment & Sustainability Webinar by Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology

CSE department, Extreme club and NSS unit of Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida organized a webinar on Environment and Sustainability theme on 18th June 2021 (1300-1400 hrs) in the presence of Mr. Ajit Kumar, founder of Khushigram and one of the well-known speakers of MGD Community.

Mr Ajit Kumar is Sustainable Development, Happiness, Thinker, Planner, Integrator, Implementer, Speaker, Communicator, Motivator and Writer. He has been doing Social Work and practical research on Sustainable Development since the early 90s. The background for the vision of Khushigram was prepared when he was in primary school in early 80s.

He is Founder Khushigram and Vision 2030 for recreating and reviving Happy Villages, Cities and Communities.

As a Journalist, Social Worker, Speaker, Writer, Actor, Director, Leader and Member of several local, national and global groups across sectors he has been putting his best bit for a Better, Healthier, Happier, Harmonious, Kinder and Peaceful world based on Share and Care, Truth, Trust and Transparency and belief that Together nothing is impossible.

KHUSHIGRAM was named by him during a Sustainable Development series he organised with India Habitat Centre with 22 Seminars and 1 conference with IIT on related topics. He leads the Social and Green Initiatives platform and works on Advocacy and Action with National and International institutions as well as groups and people and institutions across far flung Villages.

I would like to give special thanks to team Galgotia College including Rajiv Kumar sir for coordinating with Mission Green Delhi team and onboarding MGD Experts for the webinar.


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Puneet Verma is a passionate traveler, environment blogger, techie and nature lover. He owns a beautiful community of 400+ environment enthusiasts at missiongreendelhi.com. Join MGD's #Delhikabagh latest environment awareness campaign and tag @missiongreendelhi and #Delhikabagh on Facebook and Instagram with your environment friendly posts.

Reach out to Puneet @9910162399 for collaboration for making Delhi green and clean.

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